Preseason Game 6 Open Thread

Alright folks, here is your open thread for the night.  Again, we apologize nobody was here to approve new comments, but one of us will be here tonight.  A few things to look for:

  • Defending the 3.  This seems to be our biggest weakness on defense.  Jared Jeffries…let me repeat that Jarred. Jeffries. is making threes on us.  He hit 3 last year!  As a team the Knicks are hitting 39% of their 3s (23-59) against us and 23% against other opponents (33-142)
  • CDR at the 3.  For the first time since the move to the 3, CDR will be playing against a quality 3 (Pierce sat out when we played the Cs and Harrington sat out last game against the Knicks).  Will he be able to defend a guy who has 50 lbs on him?  Will he be able to score on someone taller than him?  Will the physical nature of the 3 spot effect CDR’s shooting late in games?  All important questions.
  • Can we continue to gel?  I want to see how the team looks on offense.  Are the passes crisp, smooth, and in the right spot?
  • The rotation.  With 2 games left, we should hopefully see the end of the Bobby Simmons at the 4 experiment and see a more regular rotation…hopefully…

Ok guys, have fun tonight, remember to keep it clean in the comments!