Preseason Game 2: Postgame Bullets

Well that was a fun one wasn’t it?  In a game that was close all the way through, the Sixers beat the Nets 93-92.  It kinda made me wish it was on TV, not only to see the finish, but to see how bad Devin’s injury was.

  • Yeah, Devin got hurt in the beginning of the third quarter and he was held out for the rest of the game.   The reports say it was a sprained ankle, the same one he hurt in practice.  I have no way of knowing how bad it was (the audio link wasn’t working for me), but my gut tells me that if it was a regular season he could have played through it.  For now, I would like to see him get a lot of rest (sort of how like the Nets are handling Lee).
  • As for his play, Devin struggled a bit shooting the ball (0-5 from the field), but he was setting up his teammates very nicely (8 assists).
  • CDR is really taking advantage of his opportunity.  In 34 minutes tonight, CDR was able to put up another 20 points, on 9-15 shooting.  I still say CDR should be the 6th man, but he could be earning a starting role.
  • Brook Lopez did his usual thing, putting up 18 points.  It was nice to see tonight, since he was up against a solid defender in Dalembert.
  • Yi was ok shooting the ball tonight (3-7), but he fouled out in only 21 minutes of action.  I guess I can see how this happened.  He was going up against bigger and more physical big men tonight.
  • Terrence Williams is showing that his work in the gym might be paying off.  Terrence shot the ball very well today (5-10/2-3 from 3).  He also grabbed 5 rebounds and 4 assists.  We shouldn’t get too giddy, it is just the preseason after all, but T-Will is showing that he can do a lot of things on the court.
  • Najera played very nicely in his return.  9 points in 19 minutes.
  • With Najera and Battie back in action tonight, it was interesting to see the DNP list.  Josh Boone and Sean Williams.  Interesting…
  • After the Knicks three point barrage on the Nets last game, it was good to see that the Nets held the Sixers to 2-8 from the three point line.  It could have just been the competition though, the Sixers were one of the worst three point shooting teams last year.