Preseason Game 1 Scouting Report

What’s going on everyone?  Back when I was at NJIT helping out the coaching staff, we did scouting reports to prepare the players for the games.  I think this is something fun we can do to prepare the fans for the game.  So here goes nothing:

1. Chris Duhon: 6’1″ | 185 lbs | 36.8 MPG | 11.1 PPG | 7.2 APG | 42.1 FG% | 39.1 3% | 85.6 FT%

Pure point guard, looking to set up his teammates at all times.  Can’t leave him open though, hits open shots.  Streaky shooter…if he starts hitting, watch out.

2. Nate Robinson: 5’9″ | 180 lbs | 29.9 MPG | 17.2 PPG | 4.1 APG | 43.7 FG% | 32.5 3%  | 84.1 FT

Crazy athletic.  Shoot first mentality and also a streaky shooter.  Taller guards must take advantage of him in the post.  Must look out for him on the fast break…either in terms of attacking the basket or spotting up on the wing.

3.  Al Harrington: 6’9″ | 250 lbs | 35.0 MPG | 20.7 PPG | 6.3 RPG | 44.6 FG% | 36.2 3% | 80.4 FT%

A guard in a big man’s body.  He can handle the ball, he is a good shooter, and he can run on the break.  I would like to see CDR covering him, as I think his lankiness will disrupt him a bit.

4.  Jordan Hill:  6’10” | 235 lbs | Rookie:  No professional Stats

Jordan Hill is an offensive rebounding machine.  I would like to see the Nets zone rebound (box out areas rather than players) to deal with him and David Lee, because I think Hill will eat Yi alive.   Guards really need to help and pinch on him when boxing out.  Offensively he can he the 10 footer, but that seems to be the limit of his range.  On defense he is tough inside, but slow, Yi can take advantage of him on the outside.

5. David Lee:  6’9″ | 240 lbs | 34.9 MPG | 16.0 PPG | 11.7 RPG | 54.9 FG% | 0.00 3% | 75.5 FT%

Another offensive rebounding machine.  Brook should be able to handle him though.  Likes to live around the basket (which results in the ridiculously high FG%).  Must be physical with him and push him away from the basket.  On offense, we need to take advantage of his lack of size (for a center).  Brook should be able to muscle in on him and get some easy baskets.

F.  Wilson Chandler –

Not Out. lied to me.  He is a physical 2/3 hybrid who is a solid shooter but is more comfortable attacking the basket.  You can beat him offensively with quickness.

G/F.  Danilo Gallinari:  6’10” | 225 lbs | 14.7 MPG | 6.1 PPG | 2.0 RPG | 44.8 FG | 44.4 3 | 96.3 FT

Hurt a lot of last year.  Has a feathery touch around the basket and is a fantastic shooter built in the Dirk mode.  Not tough or exceptionally quick though.  Can be pushed around when on offense and when on defense whoever he is guarding needs to go after him.  Hard.

G/F.  Larry Hughes:  6’5″ | 185 lbs | 27.5 MPG | 11.2 PPG | 2.6 RPG | 39.0 FG | 38.5 3 | 79.4 FT

Streaky shoot first guard.  Doesn’t attack the basket, and he shoots in bunches whether he made the last 10 or missed the last 10.  Terrific defender despite losing a step, great on and off the ball defending and gets a good number of steals.

F.  Jarred Jeffries:  6’10” | 240 lbs | 23.0 MPG | 5.3 PPG | 4.4 RPG | 43.2 FG | 24.2 3 | 58.6 FT

Big guy who feasts from the wing and the baseline at around 15/20 feet.  Awful free throw shooter, and if he is attacking the lane, just foul him.  Poor 3 point shooter.

G.  Toney Douglas:  6’1″ | 200 lbs | Rookie:  No professional Stats

Hybrid guard who can play both guard spots.  Strong with the ball and can get into the lane.  Streaky shooter and a bunch scorer.  Willing to find his open teammates though.

F/C.  Darko Milicic:  7’0″ | 275 lbs | 17.2 MPG | 5.5 PPG | 4.0 RPG | 45.4 FG | 0.00 3 | 58.8 FT

Another poor foul shooter.  If he has a lane, might as well foul him.  More of a shooting big man than a banging inside big man, and he is effective on the break.

G.  Gabe Pruitt:  6’4″ | 170 lbs | 7.4 MPG | 2.0 PPG | 0.8 APG | 32.1 FG | 28.3 3 | 78.3 FT

Last name close to mine so awesome.  Other than that generic back-up PG.

G.  Sun Yue:  6’9″ | 205 lbs | 2.8 MPG | 0.6 PPG | 0.2 APG | 27.3 FG | 0.00 3 | 0.00 FT

TALL generic PG…from China…

F/C.  Chris Hunter:  6’11” | 240 lbs |  Rookie:  No professional Stats

Coming from the NBDL

G.  Ron Howard:  6’5″ | 200 lbs | Rookie:  No professional Stats

Coming from the NBDL…not to be confused with Richie Cunningham

G.  Joe Crawford:  6’5″ | 210 lbs |  Rookie:  No professional Stats

Coming from the NBDL…not to be confused with official Joey Crawford

Warren Carter:   ?? | ?? | Rookie:  No professional Stats

Doesn’t have a NBA player page.  Not related to Vince Carter…I think…

Marcus Landry: 6’7″ | 230 lbs. | Rookie:  No professional Stats

Undrafted Rookie.  Brother plays in the NBA…Marcus plays exactly like him…except he wears Recspecs…

G.  Cuttino Mobley –


C.  Eddy Curry –

Out, Fat

Offensive Tendencies:

This team likes to run, and will try to out score you rather than stop you.  A lot of ball-hog type players who shoot first…keep them from getting hot and we should be ok…

Defensive Tendencies:

They don’t have any good defenders besides Larry Hughes.  Undersized pretty much everywhere, so we need to take advantage of the size.

Keys To Victory:

Keep them from scoring over 100 points, if we can do that, they are so poor defensively we can outscore them.  We need to keep them off the offensive glass and prevent their streaky shooters from getting hot.  We also need to take advantage of their size and try to score inside.