Pregame Open Thread: New Jersey Nets @ Detroit Pistons

Okay, so there’s no TV broadcast for the second straight night (more on that tomorrow), but the Nets seem to still be playing. “Playing” is a relative term here, they’ll be wearing uniforms and following the standard NBA rules for basketball, but at this point I’m not sure the word “playing” applies. They’ll be going up against the Detroit Pistons, who stand two games ahead of NJ in the standings. This would matter if the Nets were entering a playoff push or trying to snare a solid lottery pick. Two swings, two misses!

The Nets are also 5-33 on the road and will be playing without Deron Williams, Kris Humphries, Damion James, Sundiata Gaines, and potentially Anthony Morrow. That’s four starters. Maybe forgoing a broadcast wasn’t such a bad idea.

Here is usually where I’d make a list of things to watch out for. But if no one can watch, what’s the point? How can you watch out for something you only have a chance of listening to two people (granted, two great announcers in Chris Carrino & Tim Capstraw) talk about it?

Anyway, let’s go Nets… I think.