Pregame Open Thread: Nets-Jazz, 7:30 P.M.

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The statistical breakdown:

Basic Advanced

Offensive Rating: Nets 103.4 (18th), Jazz 106.1 (7th)
Defensive Rating: Nets 111.2 (30th), Jazz 106.3 (22nd)
Pace: Nets 89.4 (26th), Jazz 91.5 (16th)

Four Factors

eFG%: Nets .475 (21st), Jazz .478 (19th)
TOV%: Nets .146 (22nd), Jazz .128 (5th)
ORB%: Nets .284 (9th), Jazz .299 (3rd)
FT/FGA: Nets .214 (11th), Jazz .219 (9th)

Defensive Four Factors

Opp. eFG%: Nets .516 (30th), Jazz .494 (21st)
Opp. TOV%: Nets .135 (21st), Jazz .141 (12th)
DRB%: Nets .704 (27th), Jazz .743 (T-13th)
Opp. FT/FGA: Nets .211 (17th), Jazz .253 (29th)

Three matchups to watch

1) Kris Humphries vs. Derrick Favors/Paul Millsap/Al Jefferson. Utah has its own big 3 at the power forward position alone, one of them a former Net that put up a 23/17 game a little more than a week ago. Humphries will have his work cut out for him trying to stop all three of these guys essentially by himself.

2) MarShon Brooks vs. Alec Burks. Both rookies, both solid scorers with different styles, both playing roughly the same amount of minutes over the past two weeks. The major differences between the two: Brooks has a great floater that he can use from the 8-13 foot range, Burks doesn’t score in the paint if he’s not at the rim; and Burks is a better defender (though that’s not saying much).

3) Deron Williams vs. Devin Harris. This is the obvious one. Harris, whose four years in New Jersey were relatively enigmatic, is in the arena for the first time since the biggest Nets trade in over a decade. In his pregame warm-ups, Harris was happy, energetic, conversational — traits he didn’t exhibit much near the end of his Nets tenure. These days, D-Will looks more like Harris did around that time — increasingly moody as the Nets keep losing. D-Will is the better point guard, without question, but I’m sure Harris will want to put on a show in his former stomping ground.

Tip-off at 7:30.