Pregame Bullets: What To Keep In Mind When Watching Today

  • Who Cares Really? First and foremost, this is a preseason game and the finally score doesn’t really matter.  What matters though is how we get to the final score.  At the end of the game, there will be garbage time that effects the score, don’t let that effect your mindset.
  • We Gellin? Unlike last year when there was little turnover, there is a ton of turnover this year, and the preseason games are where teams start to gel.  With the whole team coming to camp early this shouldn’t be a big problem, but it is something to look out for.
  • Will CDR Step Up? CDR fans have been clamoring for more playing time and a starting spot saying that it shouldn’t be handed to Courtney Lee.  If CDR plays well here when C.Lee is sitting out, that just may happen.
  • Terrence Williams Shot – I couldn’t go a post without talking about T-Will.  How is his shot looking, we know he has been working on it a ton.  I am not talking about shooting percentage, what I am looking for is to see if he shoots confidently, with proper form, and seeing if he takes off and lands in the same spot.
  • The Muscle Devil – A lot has been made of Yi’s newfound muscle.  How is that going to translate on the court at the PF spot.  Will he be attacking the basket more?  Getting more defensive rebounds?  Watching him play today can be an indication of what he is trying to do this year.

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