Poll: Do you want the Nets to win or blow it up?


With their first home playoff game of the season looming on Saturday afternoon, the Brooklyn Nets have two roads, with fans split into two factions.[note]This is just from my own view, seeing what fans say to me and The Brooklyn Game on Twitter, the e-mails I get, et al. It is surely more complex, as everything is.[/note] One side wants them to compete: they’re rooting for the Nets to pull off a couple of miracle wins, stay competitive against the Atlanta Hawks (and who knows — even further!), maintain the belief that the team can compete with its current roster, and in the summer, re-tool around the pieces they have before the enormous cap spike in the 2016 offseason.

The other side wants the opposite. They want the Nets to go down in flames, not because they want to lose now, but for the long-term gain. An epic loss could necessitate a complete blow-up, where the Nets start selling off their pieces at 35 cents on the dollar. Brook Lopez, armed with an opt-out clause, would likely be gone. Deron Williams and Joe Johnson, the latter of whom would be on an expiring contract, could be next. The Nets don’t have any draft picks to rebuild around, but a team on tilt could do anything to move forward, and anything that puts this team into the next era could be a welcome change.

Which side are you on? Vote in the poll below and leave a note in the comments.

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