PICKUP GAME DREAMING: Nets 106, Wizards 101 (Game Grades)


Deron Williams POINT GUARD

Just a weird suit jacket-undershirt color combo, and it looked oversized.

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

I’m going to use Gerald Wallace’s grade capsule to say… I mean… how the hell do you grade this game? I’m going to try, but take every grade with this grain of salt: this game was played like a pickup game, full of irreverence and irrelevance and indifference and wonder and hilarity and Gerald Wallace still barely shooting even when he was playing exclusively with backups. So take every grade with a grain of salt because I have no idea how to quantify this and shut up neither do you.

Kris Humphries POWER FORWARD

Well, he shot a lot.

Andray Blatche POWER FORWARD

This game was Andray Blatche as a basketball game. Played point guard, threw reverse layups off the backboard and made them, threw up a few fadeaDrays, and got blocked by Jan Vesely. So perfect that it came against his former team. Picked up some big rebounds and banged inside when he needed.


Had a couple of really fun moves attacking the basket and deking defenders but this is exactly the type of game where Brooks succeeds and that kind of typifies him as a player.


Very classy with the button-down striped shirt.

Tornike Shengelia SMALL FORWARD


Great moments attacking the basket. Gave the Nets a lead on a coast-to-coast layup in the fourth quarter. Finished with a double-double. Swatted two layups so vehemently the crowd suddenly realized that these teams were playing basketball. Forced a five-second call in crunch time. Had some awful moments early that I haven’t forgotten — on both ends of the ball — but after he shook off that rust, a very impressive night.

Jerry Stackhouse SHOOTING GUARD

Always dresses to impress.

Tyshawn Taylor POINT GUARD

Clearly had some fun as the crunch-time point guard and hit all three of his threes, including the dagger with 22 seconds left. He gets the A+ for holstering his 3-gun.

Mirza Teletovic POWER FORWARD

Struck Fearza in the hearts of big defenders who couldn’t contest his threes.