Paul Pierce has no shortage of ammunition for Brooklyn Nets


Paul Pierce has said a lot about his time in Brooklyn, mostly all negative: he called his one-year stint with the franchise “horrible,” and bemonaned “veterans who didn’t want to play and didn’t want to practice.”

A master of jabber, Pierce has continued emptying his clip about the Nets, most recently noting that it was the trade he was involved in between the Nets and Celtics that gave Boston its most valuable draft pick this year.

Pierce agreed that he’s already done a lot for the Celtics and continues to contribute by virtue of the haul the club received when they traded him and Garnett to Brooklyn.

“I’m helping build this team,” Pierce said with a laugh. “Hey, I might be the reason they get Ben Simmons.”

The Nets gave up four first-round draft picks to acquire Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Jason Terry: their 2014 pick (unprotected), their 2016 pick (unprotected), their 2018 pick (unprotected), and their 2017 pick (as a right to swap). That 2016 pick is likely to end up in the top five of this draft, and could become Simmons, who’s expected to go #1.

You might think it’d be difficult to brag about your part in a trade where you were one of the pieces on the overwhelmingly worse side. But then again, you aren’t Paul Pierce.

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