Did Paul Pierce & LeBron James fight after Game 4?

LeBron James

LeBron James
The most they’ve fought all playoffs. (AP)

Probably not. Actually, almost definitely not. But Pierce won’t say it didn’t happen, and there’s a report from a website that usually gets information wrong that they did, in a “players tunnel” that doesn’t exist.

Here’s the link. Don’t click on it:

It was going DOWWWWWN last night in Brooklyn after the Miami Heat-Brooklyn game. According to one of our HOMIES THAT PLAYS ON THE BROOKLYN NETS . . . LeBron James and Paul Pierce got into it in the players tunnel after the game. Our source tells us that Paul started talking SLICK . . . and LEBRON said the wrong thing.

Then . . . BLOOP . . . Paul Pierce allegedly (not trying to get anyone fined) PUNCHED LEBRON RIGHT IN HIS JAW. Let us repeat that . .. BRON GOT SNUCK IN THE FACE!!! This ain’t rumor – it’s FACT!!

According to our insider ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE when LeBron got touched . . . and Bron had to be restrained by up to 10 MEN. We’re told LeBron looked like A CRAZED MAN!!

Bloop, allegedly, it’s not rumor, it’s fact. Got that?

Strangely, instead of denying the story entirely, Pierce declined comment:

The report goes on to say that there’s cell phone footage of the brawl, which could prove definitively one way or the other if this actually happened. They’re “bidding” on it right now.

A few things:

1) There is no “player’s tunnel” that connects the two locker rooms. If you’ve ever been to a Nets game, you know that the Nets enter the court from the northwest corner of the arena (the corner where they sit on the bench), and the Heat enter from the opposite side under the opposing basket. Each tunnel goes directly to each locker room and don’t cross. It’s two completely separate hallways.

2) Both James & Pierce spoke with the media after the regular 45-minute allotment, which isn’t all too surprising — both players have done that often.

3) James did not appear to have a bruise or any facial ill effects at the podium after Game 4, which would be surprising after getting punched in the jaw by a professional athlete.

4) The two could have conceivably seen each other as the players left, since the exit where players and buses park are in the same area. But that’s a wide open space with camera crews everywhere. There’s no way it could’ve happened there without anyone catching it.

So we’ll have to wait for the videotape. My guess is we’ll be waiting forever.