Paul Pierce & Kevin Garnett Have Been Awful But There’s No Way You Could Have Predicted This

See that chart above? That’s a visualization of the career PER arc of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, the former Boston Celtics that the Brooklyn Nets traded for this offseason in the hopes of erasing their spacing and defensive issues that doomed them last season. But both Garnett and Pierce have stumbled out of the gate, and even though a decline isn’t unexpected (Pierce is 36 years old and Garnett 37), this type of decline is stunning and immediate.

PER is one of those all-encompassing stats that doesn’t tell the full story, but it’s safe to say this is an accurate representation of how badly these two new Nets have looked this year. The Nets currently sit at 4-12 and 13th in the Eastern Conference, ahead of only the New York Knicks and Milwaukee Bucks.

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