Paul Pierce uses extended metaphor to compare Nets to soup

We’re like a soup, you see. Because you make the soup, and eat the soup, and it’s delicious, but sometimes it’s not so delicious, because you put crappy things in the soup. But we’re not crappy things, we’re delicious soup. Like a nice tomato basil. Yeah. I’m a big fan of tomato basil. Especially when you add fine ground black pepper? Oh, man, that hits the spot. None of that store-bought mess, I mean the real black pepper that gets ground right in front of you at a fancy Italian restaurant where the waiters all have their own individual accents from different parts of Italy. You ever been to Italy? It’s amazing. The tomatoes there must’ve been purified in triple-distilled spring waters or something. They’re wickedly delectable. Wait, what were we talking about again? Oh, that’s right. Yeah. Go Nets.

(Courtesy of YES Network)