P.J. needs to right the ship, the value of corner 3’s, and tonight’s opponent: Sunday Morning Shootaround

Some Nets news and notes from around the web:

  • Interested in tonight’s opponent? Check out 48 Minutes of Hell, the best San Antonio Spurs blog around. Great mix of fun and analysis. As an aside, the Spurs are 61-19 all-time against the Nets, and beat them 104-73 the last time these two faced thanks to a lopsided 30-5 third quarter.

  • How is P.J. going to right this ship? One thing specifically he’s noted: shaking up the bench.

  • From a few days ago: Keith Bogans is the Nets’ resident prankster.
  • Not specifically about the Nets, but a really interesting breakdown of the success of three-pointers from different areas on the floor when guarded or unguarded. In short: corner 3’s are very important, and the Nets take as many of them per game as anyone.