Our Last Lawrence Frank Memory

Regardless of his coaching decisions, Lawrence Frank was undoubtedly one of the nice guys in the NBA. He stayed true to form while cleaning out his office at the Nets PNY Practice Facility Monday, giving one last news conference with the press. Al Iannazzone has the report:

Yet Frank remains positive about the experience, about his future and about the future of the team.

“I’m being very sincere in that I feel very, very bad for this group of guys,” he said. “If they didn’t deserve it I wouldn’t say it. I have nothing to gain by it. This group deserves better. They’re going to break through. Guys are going to get back in rhythm and conditioning and other guys are going to get back. The brighter days obviously are ahead.”

“Many times when you’re terminated there’s a great deal of bitterness,” Frank said. “With me, there is no bitterness. I only root for this organization to be successful. I love the people here. It’s no different when a player gets traded. You don’t all of a sudden not like the player because you traded him. I love Rod. I love so many people around here. I have a great deal of affection for our players, staff, everyone. I root hard for our guys. There’s zero bitterness. I’m packing up my stuff. But I’ll be rooting hard for the Nets.”

I am legitimately touched by Frank’s words here. I’m sure I can speak for both Sebastian and I  as NAS wishes Lawrence Frank the best of luck in the future. The consensus seems to be he will live to coach again, as well he should. It’s unfortunate it didn’t work out they way it could have after Frank burst out onto the scene in 2004 and led the Nets to 13 straight victories, but sports are funny in that way sometimes. Frank, without a doubt, has had a positive impact on the New Jersey Nets organization. For that, he can not, and will not be forgotten.