On Kris Humphries: notes & quotes from shootaround

  • As reported, the Nets officially announced the re-signing of free agent forward Kris Humphries today. The team, per policy, did not disclose the terms of the contract, but Humphries alluded to the fact that it was a one-year deal. The deal is reportedly in the $7-8 million range.
  • Humphries said he’s “glad to be back” playing basketball against legitimate competition. He’d been working out in Minneapolis for the past few weeks with his trainer, and there’s “only so many wind sprints you can do” without getting back on the court again.
  • No decision has been made on Humphries’s playing time yet, since Avery has yet to see him play. Avery noted it’d be a “coach’s decision.” Still, Humphries is a legitimate starter, and if he doesn’t play tonight, he should be ready to go for Monday’s opener.
  • Avery said Humphries has to “get back to being Hump” and improve on his double-double season last year; given Humphries’s style of defend/rebound/dunk, there’s a “next level” Humphries can get to on the floor. No real indication on what that next level means.
  • Avery promised that Kris would steal fewer boards from Lopez than last season, and that Lopez has a “mandate” to get better on the boards. Again, no extrapolation on said mandate.