Nope. Bucks 103, Nets 97.


Final: 02/09/2015

L 97 103


The Nets were ahead by 17 in the second quarter, and then the Nets did not win the game.

After holding the Bucks to an 0-12 shooting slump to start the second, the slowly trailed off and allowed the comeback and for the Bucks to, at one point, jump ahead to an 11 point lead by the end of the third. Instead of fighting to come back, the Nets allowed runs of 7-0 and 11-1 in the fourth quarter. Jarrett Jack did all he could to bring the Nets back, but he is only one man.

Former Nets coach and icon Jason Kidd now has a 2-0 record against Brooklyn. The Bucks were supposed to be lousy this year, and the Nets were supposed to be okay. This stinks.

Brook Lopez


The stats: 10 PTS, 5-7 FG, +6, 2 TO

Not a great night for Brook Lopez. Was able to find his shot in the post, but had a few terrible turnovers in the third. He just wasn’t involved in the offense tonight, despite being able to hit shots when he took them.