NJ Nets’ Weekend Wrap-Up

There was actually a lot of Nets news this weekend, and I know I should have gotten to it earlier, but I was too busy shattering my ankle in 5 spots (OK, it is just a sprain, but it really really hurts :/).  Here is a quick little recap and some links about the news that happened over the weekend.

  • First and foremost:  Rod Thorn will be representing the Nets at the draft lottery.  Who knows, maybe the man who drafted MJ will have some luck rub off on the Nets?
  • The Atlantic Yards project took a step in the right direction.  Landowners and tenants were rebuffed by the state appellate court in a case that contested the use of eminent domain for the project.  This case was was against New York State and not Ratner, but it is still a big win.  The decision narrows the legal options for opponents of the project, who have successfully delayed it through the courts to a point where the entire project’s financial viability is now in question amid the broader economic crisis.
  • The Nets first prospect list is in.  There are a lot of the big guys that I would like to see us drafted there, but there are way too many guards there for my liking.  I hope we aren’t considering a guard.
  • Yi might get traded.  Well, the Nets are at least considering it.  In my opinion, this is too much of a knee-jerk reaction.  Yi was playing well before the pinky injury, and he needs some time to heal.  That being said, if he starts to struggle again, and we can move him for something valuble, I say why not.
  • Boki is a free agent now.  He has previously mentioned his desire to rejoin  the Nets, s0 who knows what will happen.  I don’t really think he “fits” with the team the way it is currently assembled, but Boki is very talented, and adding a talented player to your roster isn’t a bad thing.  I guess what I am saying is that I wouldn’t understand the signing too much, but I wouldn’t be pissed about it.
  • NJNets.com has started up their Draft Central.  There is a lot of interesting stuff in there.  My personal favorite is Gregg Polinsky’s blog.
  • Bill Bradley and I are on the same page…at least on topic of where the Nets should play.  I have mentioned earlier that the Nets should be playing in Newark if they can’t get the Brooklyn situation straightened out.  Bradley takes it a step further.  He thinks that the Nets should be playing in Newark instead of Brooklyn.
  • The Nets are looking at PGs (It is in the interview towards the middle).  This is baffling to me.  We already have an All-Star PG, so why draft a PG when you have such a glaring whole at the PF spot?  Who knows.  After tonight we will know where we stand in terms of Draft Order, and hopefully we will get a better idea of who we are drafting.

Tonight, I will be live-blogging the Draft Lottery via Cover It Live.  It will start around the same time of the game tomorrow, so if you want to chat about the game, or more importantly the lottery, just make your way over.