Nets Memories: Your Words

Last night, we asked you guys to tweet us with the hashtag #NetsMemories, sharing your favorite moments from the last 35 years of New Jersey basketball.

Your responses ran the gamut, from phenomenal, franchise-altering moments to enormous highlights to the small, mundane moments that allow us to contextualize Nets history. You shouted out Jason Kidd, but didn’t forget Mikki Moore. Or Lucious Harris. Some of you told us about your first game, some of you told us about your favorite game. Some of you talked Finals, some talked lottery. The moments you sent us last night help paint a picture of the good times in New Jersey, the teams and characters we’ll remember fondly, the things that kept us rooting along with a dysfunctional, troubled franchise in a state that could never sustain them.

As always, thanks for reading and sharing.