New Hello Brooklyn Campaign Begins Today: This May Shock You, But Brook Lopez Loves Batman

With billboard ads on the Brooklyn Bridge and near the Barclays Center and posters all over town, the newly-branded Brooklyn Nets have spent the better part of the last six months introducing themselves to their new hometown. Tomorrow, the Nets roll out personalized ads directly relating to their introduction into the borough and to the new and potentially deep fan base.

It’s a good idea. The personalized nature of the ads links the team to the borough in a different way; players aren’t just athletes paid millions of dollars to throw the roundball in the ringhole, they’re also native sons. They live work here, they practice play here, they’re as much a part of the borough’s fabric as breweries and brownstones.

Now, it seems to be only a matter of “when” and not “if” some hipster Brooklyn blogger creates a comic book with Brook Lopez as the star hero. Actually, come to think of it, based on Brook’s hair in his introductory press conference, maybe it’s already in the works.

Read more about the seven-figure campaign here.