Exclusive: The next Nets mascot will be…

Exclusive: The next Nets mascot will be…


After the failed attempt at the BrooklyKnight, the Nets have decided to go without a mascot next season, multiple team sources confirmed to The Brooklyn Game.

The BrooklyKnight was the recipient of much criticism over the last two seasons, mostly for its strange, terrifying look. (Also, it shared its name with a pornographic actress.)

The Nets officially terminated their relationship with the BrooklyKnight in July, with a team spokesman saying “We put a lot of effort into the BrooklynKnight, but we’ve decided to go in a different direction.

There were rumors that the Nets considered re-designing the BrooklyKnight, and they always could’ve brought back Sly from the New Jersey Nets days. But it was “a team decision” to go without a mascot this year.