The new 76ers logo looks an awful lot like the Nets logo

Philadelphia 76ers logo 2015
In color. (h/t Howard Beck of Bleacher Report)

The Philadelphia 76ers will release a new logo this morning, and from the early leaks, it’ll look awfully familiar to Nets fans.

KL Chouinard, a writer for the Atlanta Hawks, noticed the most recent trademarks filed by the 76ers:

Does that first one look familiar to you? It should…


It’s worth noting that trademarks aren’t filed in color, and the 76ers won’t stray from their red-white-and-blue color scheme. So the color shouldn’t be what reminds you of Brooklyn. But from the signature lettering on the middle of the basketball to the city arcing over… it’s the same logo!

The logo above is the version currently on, which would indicate that it’s the new main logo for the team.

It seems like Atlantic Division teams just love mimicry. Remember the new Toronto Raptors logo that debuted last year?


Chances are we’re not going to see the Boston Celtics or New York Knicks, who both have iconic sports logos, adopt the new look. But it looks like the Nets started an NBA logo trend.