Nets/Sixers Roster and Schedule

I know the roster and schedule have been up for a while, but with the Orland league starting today, I figured I should get it on here.  Remember, this is a split squad with the Sixers (I will be talking about this later today), so we got some Sixers on the roster.

Roster (big ups to Netsdaily who had the roster breakdown of invitees):

  1. AJ Abrams (Nets Invite)
  2. Jeff Adrian (Nets Invite)
  3. Blake Ahearn (Sixers Invite)
  4. Dionte Christmas (Sixers Invite)
  5. Chris-Douglas Roberts (Nets Roster Member)
  6. Jason Ellis (Nets Invite)
  7. Gary Forbes (Sixers Invite)
  8. Jrue Holiday (Sixers Roster Member)
  9. Chris Johnson (Nets Invite)
  10. Rob Kurz (Sixers Invite)
  11. Marreese Speights (Sixers Roster Member)
  12. Terrence Williams (Nets Roster Member)


  1. 7/6 vs. Indiana – 3:00 PM
  2. 7/7 vs. Utah – 5:00 PM
  3. 7/8 vs. Orlando (Ryan Anderson is playing for them) – 7:00 PM
  4. 7/9 vs. Oklahoma City – 3:00 PM
  5. 7/10 vs. Boston – 1:00 PM

Now box scores and everything will be on the Orlando’s website.  As for watching it live, I am not sure if it’s going to happen, but if you go to the Nets summer league center, there is a watch live link under each game.  Nothing happens when you click it now, but it is worth a shot to try around game time.