NetsAreScorching Update: Commenting Constitution, Salaries, and Stats

With the addition of this site to the Truehoop Network, and more recently with the addition of Mark, this site has grown to an extent I could have never imagined it would.  In fact, just recently we surpassed 50,000 hits, and while that may not seem like a ton, we are only 4 months old, and we know this site is only going to get bigger.

With that being said, discussions are growing on the site as well, and that lead Mark and I to implement a commenting constitution.  So whenever you have a chance, click the link up top and give it a read.  Also, here at NetsAreScorching we are trying to become the one-stop shop for everything Nets related.  This is why we instituted a salaries and stats section.

Lastly, I just wanted to thank you guys, the readers, for coming over every day, reading the blog, and adding your opinions to the discussions.  That makes all of the work Mark and I put it worth it.