NetsAreScorching Contest: Regular Season Pick ‘Em

Alright.  With the schedule now out everyone wants to predict how many wins the Nets will get (I am working on a game by game prediction that should be out tomorrow or Monday), so I am giving everyone a chance to make their own predictions…with a tiny twist…Along with picking a win or a loss, contestants will have to select the margin of victory as well (The Nets will win/lose by this much).

Scoring will go like this pick the game correctly you get 20 points (A wrong selection will get you -5 points).  Get the margin of victory correct, and that is another 10 points.  Get it wrong though, and you lose how many points you were off.  Now that may sound confusing, but here is an example.  Lets say you think the Nets will win by 6 and they end up winning by 11, your point total for that will be 15 (20 points for the win, -5 for the margin of victory).

So what are you guys playing for?  Well, one lucky winner will get a authentic Nets jersey of the player of their choice.  To enter, just download the Excel template here, fill it out and e-mail it to [email protected] with the subject “Pick Em Entry”

You have until the first game of the season and can resubmit your entries however many times you like (the final entry is the one I will use), just title the e-mail Pick Em Entry Correction #1 (or whatever number it is).  I will involve myself with this contest as well, but I won’t be eligible for a prize (so when I win, the second place finisher will win the jersey).

If you have any questions about the contest, just leave them in the comments.  Good luck fellas!