Nets will work out prospect Jamaal Franklin

Jamaal Franklin
Jamaal Franklin (AP)
Jamaal Franklin
Jamaal Franklin (AP)

Franklin, a 6’5″ junior guard from San Diego State, averaged 16.6 points, 9.4 rebounds, and 3.3 assists per game this past season, shooting 40.4% from the field. He measured out at 191 pounds with a huge wingspan of 6’11.25″, but only shot 27.9% from beyond the three-point line this season.

Here’s what DraftExpress had to say about his game in April:

While playing primarily as a jack-of-all-trades combo forward for the Aztecs, Franklin projects to be a shooting guard at the NBA level, with good size for the position at 6’5”, to go along with a solid build and what appears to be a long wingspan. He also stacks up very well athletically, and should have an easier time than most NBA rookies adjusting to the NBA game from a physical standpoint.

Playing as San Diego State’s primary playmaker and shot-creator, Franklin carried a large load for the Aztecs as a junior, and he displayed tremendous versatility, leading the team in scoring, assists, rebounds, and steals per game.

His best asset, however, may be his outstanding motor, as he appears to be a great competitor, playing with major intensity and toughness on both ends of the floor.

This is on display on the offensive end, as he always seems to be in attack-mode, using his quick first step and aggressiveness to make his way towards the basket in transition and in the half-court, where he’s able to finish effectively at the rim and get to the free throw line at a high rate.

Despite his strong scoring instincts and ability to create off the bounce, Franklin struggles to score efficiently (48 2P%, 28% 3P% as a junior), as he too often settles for long range jumpers and difficult shot attempts. He also turns the ball over a high rate (4 times per-40), as his aggressive mentality causes him to over-penetrate and get a bit out of control at times.

Some of this may be attributed to a large burden he carried for the Aztecs offensively, but he’ll need to play more within himself and show better decision-making in order to find a role at the NBA level, where he’d likely be more of an opportunistic scorer.

DraftExpress has Franklin projected as the 21st pick in the draft. The Nets pick 22nd.