Nets Will Now Do Your Taxes

uncle-sam-taxesThis has become a bit of a national story – and for obvious reasons, because it’s absurd – so I thought I’d break it out of the daily link dump for you folks out there to read and comment about.

The latest move in the Nets never-ending marketing ploys to get somebody, anybody, to show up at the Izod Center (per the New York Times):

Their latest promotion will be unveiled Friday, when the Nets play the Orlando Magic. New Jersey residents 18 or older who attend the game will get a coupon that they can redeem at a Roni Deutch Tax Center to get their state income tax done free.

So unlike reversible jerseys with other players names on them, or promising a player’s services for an hour, or $10 tickets during a 10-game losing streak, this promotion has absolutely nothing to do with the Nets, or basketball for that matter, which makes it even more ridiculous. But still, Brett Yormark and company have to be pleased with the results, since just about every media outlet in the country is picking up and running with this story because it’s the kind of cute and quirky thing news outlets die for.

Just to prove that she’s perfectly serious, Roni Deutch gives the Times her rationale for the promotion:

“It’s easy to jump on the Lakers’ bandwagon,” said Deutch, who claims to have been the first girl to play Little League baseball on an all-boys team in her home state, California. “The hallmark of a strong company is one that aligns with young companies. I’m a betting woman, and I think the Nets are going to win a championship this decade.”

Yeah, sorry Nets, I’m still going to keep my March 27 appointment with my accountant.

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