Nets unveil new logo — “Jersey Strong, Brooklyn Ready”

To commemorate their 35th and final season in New Jersey, the Nets have unveiled a new logo, complete with the slogan “Jersey Strong, Brooklyn Ready:”

Nets Logo - Jersey Strong, Brooklyn Ready

Nets chief marketing officer Fred Mangione calls it “our farewell moniker,” and that it helps the Nets “go out the right way.” Presumably, Jersey Strong represents the inner strength I’ve gained from watching a team win 36 games in the past two seasons, and Brooklyn Ready represents the ironclad fact that the Nets can’t succeed financially until they make the move to the Barclays Center.

In all seriousness, though, I’m excited for the Brooklyn move for a multitude of reasons. I’m “Brooklyn Ready” too. And I’m no expert on design, but in this man’s eye it’s both a welcome tribute and pretty snazzy.