Nets-Thunder Game Details: Sunday Afternoon Game Pushed Back To Evening


Due to the effects of storm Jonas, Sunday afternoon’s game between the Brooklyn Nets & Oklahoma City Thunder has been delayed from 3:30 P.M. Sunday afternoon to 7:30 P.M. Sunday evening. The game will still be televised on YES Network.

There were worries that the game could face an outright cancellation and postponement given the conditions, but snow stopped early Sunday morning, and the teams anticipate a clear enough city for the game to go on.

The Thunder overcame the biggest obstacle that would’ve prevented a game Saturday night by, you know, actually getting here. According to Anthony Slater, the Thunder beat writer for The Oklahoman, the Thunder landed in New York at around 4 A.M. Saturday morning, just beating out airport cancellations.

But being here is just about all they could do. Neither the Nets nor Thunder practiced Saturday, partially because dude, look outside, and partially because legally they couldn’t: New York City issued a “travel ban” after 2:30 P.M., threatening to arrest anyone driving a non-official vehicle.

Now, all the Nets have to do is stop Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook, which might even be harder than changing the weather.