The Nets signed Frequency Vibrations, and he led them to a championship

Above is the latest two-minute campaign for NBA 2K16’s “Livin Da Dream” mode, produced by Brooklyn native and Knicks mascot Spike Lee. But Spike’s MSG connections weren’t enough to get his prize player, named “Frequency Vibrations,” on his beloved Knicks in the game’s promo: no, Frequency Vibrations ends up with the Brooklyn Nets, where by the end, he’s gone through enough trials and tribulations to lead them to the NBA championship.

He even deals with a Stephen Curry side-eye! Who does Stephen Curry side-eye?

It’s an awesome promo for the premier NBA sports game, and given the excitement surrounding other NBA teams — not to mention Spike Lee’s clear anti-Nets bias — it’s a bit of a surprise to see Brooklyn front and center, since they could have picked any team. (And yes, you can pick any team in the mode as well.)

But something tells me most Nets fans will want to see a different No. 35 in a Nets uniform by next season. (It’s not happening.) (It’s probably not happening.) (It’s not happening.)