Nets rookies answer fan questions on Reddit

During the official Rookie Class Photo Shoot & media availability, the NBA hosted an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit, allowing rookies to answer questions from fans. Here’s most (if not all) of the answers from Nets rookies Markel Brown and Cory Jefferson.

For the full text of the AMA (and all 2,800 comments!), go here.

Questions answered by Nets rookies below.

What do you think you might have to give up now that you’re entering the professional world of basketball?

Brown: Chocolate. I love chocolate. Reese’s are my favorite candy.

Jefferson: My junk food and all my snacks. My favorite snack is honey buns.

What would you guess your 2k rating to be?

Brown: I will be an 80. My athleticism better be a 100.

Jefferson: 68-70

Who do you think will win Rookie of the Year?

Brown: If not me, I am going with Cory

Jefferson: Julius Randle

Who’s one player that you’d like to eventually play with at some point in your NBA career (that isn’t on your current team)?

Brown: Dwyane Wade.

What is your go-to meal the night before a game?

Jefferson: I don’t really have one. Just made sure I went to sleep with a full stomach.

What’s the biggest thing you miss about college?

Jefferson: The college atmosphere.

Shaq and justin timberlake challenge you and 1 more rookie to a 2v2 dance battle.
Who do you choose as your partner.

Jefferson: Oh man. Great question. I’ll take my teammate and fellow rookie Markel

Is there an active NBA player you idolized or tried to model your game after as a kid?

Brown: I would say Westbrook. I want to be just as explosive as he is.

What are some of your special talents outside of basketball?

Jefferson: Singing and dancing.

Who is the funniest veteran you’ve talked to so far and why?

Brown: Probably Tony Allen. I’ve been around him a bit and he’s just a good dude.

What’s your favorite TV show?

Jefferson: Fresh Prince and Martin

What is your favorite hobby besides basketball?

Jefferson: Paintballing. I like both playing in the woods and doing speed courses. I loved call of duty too, so I really get into it.

What is the most interesting thing about yourself that not many people know about?

Jefferson: I think everyone knows everything about me haha

What is your pregame routine?

Brown: Just relax and listen to music. I listen to Drake. My guilty pleasure for music would be Beyonce.

Has anything surprised you so far in your transition to the NBA?

Jefferson: Nothing to yet. Still too early.