Nets Renegotiate Deal With Warriors (Updated)

UPDATE: So it turns out the Nets aren’t getting any second rounders…yet…Fred Kerber has the breakdown:

So the Warriors and Nets huddled and came up with a new solution. The Nets would receive Golden state’s first rounder in either 2012, ’13 or 14. The first rounder is protected 1 through 7 in both 2012 and 2013, protected 1 through 6 in 2014. If the Warriors still stink worse than the American League Central in 2014, then the Nets would get two second rounders: in 2014 and 2016.

So as we originally thought, this deal was done basically to help the Warriors try and complete a deal.  We get in return a far less protected pick in either 2012, 2013, or 2014.  Whatever year we do get this pick, one thing is for sure, we are definitely getting the better end of the deal.  This also strengthens my belief that the Nets aren’t making any moves before camp.  Mainly because they have less definite picks than the original reports gave us, plus we won’t be likely to move our first rounder, especially if it is far less protected.

According to Yahoo’s Marc J. Spears, the Golden State Warriors sent two future second round picks to delay the delivery of a the first round pick that they agreed to send the Nets in the Marcus Williams deal:

For agreeing to delay receiving the first-rounder from Golden State, the Nets will acquire two future second-round picks from the Warriors. The first-round pick originally was lottery protected in 2011. It now has lesser protection for 2012, though sources did not reveal in detail the exact level of protection.

The move allows the Warriors more time and flexibility to package their 2011 first-round pick in a deal, if they so choose. A source, however, said Golden State currently does not have any potential trades on the horizon – including anything involving disgruntled forward Jackson.

This deal works for both teams in my opinion.  The Warriors can use their pick in a trade, and the Nets continue to stockpile picks, a smart move for a rebuilding team.

Now there are whispers that the Nets agreed to this move because they are looking to make a deal relatively soon.  I am not really sure I agree…I have said it a number of times, I really do think that the Nets should (and will) stay put to start the season.  With that being said, if we near the deadline and we can use one or both of these picks in a deal (Mark and I did mention in one of our podcasts that we think there is a chance the Nets add a big piece via a deadline deal this year instead of looking for one in free agency), I am all for it.

We should find out for sure by the end of this week though.  Camp opens up soon, and you have got to think that if the Nets are going to make a deal, it will happen before then.  If there is no deal, we are probably standing pat until at least the trading deadline.