Nets Re-sign Brook Lopez

The Brooklyn Nets have re-signed C Brook Lopez to a 4 year, $61M max deal. The fourth year, per Howard Beck, is a player option.

This will effectively end trade talks with Orlando for Dwight Howard.

First off, the term “max deal” is pretty unimportant in the grand scheme of things because the Nets were going to be over the cap anyway and giving Brook a whole bunch of money doesn’t really matter. There was no way he wasn’t getting one, with Hibbert and probably McGee signing max deals as well. Prokhorov also has what you would call “unlimited money.”

Second, I really, really, really hope the Nets don’t put this poor guy back on the block in December. I hope they told Brook he is their guy going forward and I hope they mean it. Regardless of what Twitter will tell you, Brook Lopez is a very good center and, depending on where Howard ends up, could very well be an elite center in the east. (Cue: I will be writing a story on that idea before the end of the week.)

Third, the Nets HAD to do this deal today if reports are true that he was close to signing with Charlotte and Portland.