Nets RareInk Prints


We’ve highlighted RareInk on this site before, most notably for our post of unique Nets gift ideas, and this week, I received a Brooklyn Nets print from RareInk.

I’d like to note that though RareInk is one of our sponsors, this post itself is not sponsored by RareInk, and I have no instruction nor legal/pressing need to say anything positive about RareInk. If the box my print came in smelled like donkey farts and the print looked like something you’d get in a back alley tattoo parlor from a guy named Steve who draws his tattoos by dipping an epiPen into printer ink, I’d have every freedom to say it.

With that said, the print that RareInk did send me — picture below — is pretty darn cool.

The photo above is the design used for prints: Deron Williams shooting a layup in front of the Brooklyn Bridge, with some slick design. You can tell it’s a design because Deron Williams doesn’t attack the basket anymore.

But seriously, it’s a great print. The Bridge behind Williams is a nice touch, and the Nets Logo inside the bridge and an ink splash and a note that the team was established in 2012 make it even cooler. I’m proud to have this in my collection.

My only real criticism is that there’s not enough. RareInk only has a limited set of Nets-related prints — there’s the D-Will one above, a cool one on Dr. J, and a couple of logo-related ones, but nothing else. There’s no shortage of design ideas, but there’s only one design unique to current players or Brooklyn architecture, which seems odd.

All in all, good Christmas gifts for nutso Nets fans. Check ’em out at RareInk.

If it looks a bit shiny — I haven’t taken it out of the plastic wrap yet.