Nets Post-Up: Melo, Favors, and Vaj

Nets Post-Up is a stream of consciousness podcast without editing. Luckily, the author can filter profanity (sort of), possesses excellent grammar (not really), and isn’t lazy about spelling (because there isn’t any in the audio medium). Basically, he’s amazing (no question).

First of all, my apologies. I realize after my first Nets Post-Up that this will be the second straight week where woman parts are mentioned. I guess this just gives the website more bro points, if anything. In any case, if you hear any banging in the background, it’s because my house is going through some repair and I couldn’t tell the workers to be quiet as I recorded this podcast. Why? Because there were four of them and they all looked like they could eat Mr. T for breakfast, crap out Rambo, and flush it down with no problem.