Podcast Playoff Bonanza:
Nets & NBA Playoffs With Devin Kharpertian and The Glue Guys




The Glue Guys Elliot, Mike, and Brian are joined by The Brooklyn Game’s Managing Editor Devin Kharpertian for a special two-part bonanza playoff podcast!

Part 1 above is all the Nets you’ll want to hear — 51 minutes of pure Nets-Raptors goodness, with some requisite weirdness thrown in. I won’t spoil the details for you: give it a listen above.


For Part II of The Glue Guys Podcast, Elliot, Mike, and Brian are joined by Devin again to go around the horn on the playoffs, predicting each matchup from the first round all the way to the Larry O’Brien Trophy. Lot of laughs and bold predictions. Listen above, subscribe on iTunes below.

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