Nets’ Opponents And Four Factors

Continuing from yesterday’s post where we looked at the four factors for the Nets in wins and losses.  I thought it would be interesting to also look at the four factors for the Nets opponents in both wins and losses.  While yesterday’s post was more focused on what the Nets did on offense (remember in wins the Nets excelled at keeping their turnovers down – TOR – and making shots – eFG%), today’s look at the opponent four factors will tell you what the Nets did on defense in both wins and losses.  So here is the chart:


The Two Key Factors

Just like the Nets’ Four Factors, the key factors in the Nets opponents Four Factors are eFG% and Turnover Rate.  In wins, the Nets’ Opponents eFG% was 47.76%, well below league average, while in losses, teams had an eFG% of 52.23%.  Naturally, this means that the Nets are getting in their opponents’ faces and playing tough defense in wins (rocket science, I know).  This also leads to a higher opponent Turnover rate.  Their Opponent Turnover rate in wins is 15.89 (well above average), while in losses it is 13.55.  That is a pretty big drop-off.

Offensive Rebound Rate

Something that this chart tells you is that the Nets are really bad at securing the defensive rebound. Even in wins, the Nets allow their opponents to grab offensive boards at an above average rate (in losses it is even worse).  Despite Brook Lopez, it kind of makes sense, the Nets are small-ish everywhere else.  Yi plays small, Jarvis Hayes is more of a shooter than a rebounder or defensive stopper.  Courtney Lee boards pretty well for his position, but that is about it.