Nets on the Net: Words from Prokhorov

New Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov made some rounds yesterday, talking with his beat reporters and other Nets writers at the Four Seasons hotel and via e-mail. He answered some obvious questions about the team’s search for a new President (UPDATE: Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo is reporting Billy King is the front runner with Avery Johnson’s blessing). He’s also very bullish on the team’s “Plan B” roster, despite understanding why fans may be disappointed about striking out on the “big names.”

From the keyboard of the hardest working team blogger in the NBA, Ben Couch: “There is no contradiction between Plan A and Plan B,” said Prokhorov on Tuesday at the Four Seasons. “I think we have great trade opportunities. really good trading assets and a really deep bench. That’s why I’m satisfied. I understand that fans feel a little bit upset, a little angry maybe. But I think they will like this team very soon.”

In an e-mail exchange with NetsDaily, Prokhorov talked about the ideal candidate for team President: “For a championship team, we need a president with a combination of professional skills.  He should be respected in the League, very ambitious and able to work well with Avery Johnson.  We need not only teamwork among the players, but great teamwork on the management side.”

Throughout these interviews, Prokhorov also flashed his personality and sense of humor. When asked about where he was when LeBron James made his announcement to join the Miami Heat: “Prokhorov said that he was asleep in Moscow. “Maybe it will surprise you, but I still keep some assets to work on,” he said.”

When asked about his “Blueprint for Greatness” mural in New York City: “I think Jay and I look really great. I’m looking into the possibility of buying the building and having it shipped back to Moscow,” he said.

About what happens if he fails to get the Nets a championship in five years: “I’m going to get married,” Prokhorov joked, playing to his playboy reputation. “It’s the worst punishment.”

As for his overall message to Nets fans: “Be patient. Support our team. We will win for sure. And, trust me, the next season will be completely different — aggressive, young,” Prokhorov said. “Now we have a really good ambition: to beat Miami Heat.”