Nets on the Net: Nets Talk to GM Candidates, Waiting, Waiting on FAs

For a change of pace, let’s start with the vacant GM spot and some interesting candidates the Nets have been speaking with. Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski says the Nets have spoken to Hornets GM Jeff Bower about their opening. With the Hornets ownership situation in flux, Bower could look to bolt NOLA. Al Iannazzone is reporting that the Nets also spoke to Pistons GM Joe Dumars, in addition to Bower.

With Bower one of the candidates, Dave D’Alessandro brings up some potential controversy with him and new coach Avery Johnson. Johnson felt a bit slandered when there were reports out of NOLA that Johnson was “power hungry” and “money hungry” in his interview with Bower – reports that Johnson believes the organization spread. Considering the bass-ackwards nature of what’s going with the Nets right now – usually the GM is in place before the head coach is, this could get interesting, and messy, quickly.

As for the LeBron James saga, all reports are pointing to a decision on Thursday, when a salary cap is set for the season and players can officially sign with new teams. Ianazzone, quoting league sources puts the Nets in the “final three” with the Cavs and Bulls. The Knicks, in all of their infinite wisdom, apparently scheduled a second meeting this past weekend with LeBron’s folks, though it doesn’t appear that James, or anyone significant from the Knicks side attended. I guess they just wanted to give commenters over at TheKnicksBlog something to get excited about… which if you’re in the mood for some crazy talk, is a recommended place to cruise these days. Meanwhile, the Nets are still in contact with David Lee, according to Fred Kerber.