Nets on the Net: 9/4/09 Edition

Sorry tonight’s edition of Nets on the Net is so late today, but here you go fellas:

CDR has decided to step away from his phone and twitter to blog.  CDR talks about working out and mentoring T-Will about NBA systems, business plans and the economy, some favorite tv shows, why he likes twitter, and of course his cats.

Awesome video of the Nets working out.  Like Mark and I said in the podcast, I really think this is awesome, and I am glad to see most of the team (and not just a few individuals) doing this.  Only means good things for the Nets.

Gerald Narciso of Dime again shouts out the Nets.  He takes a look at the top JV-teams, and the Nets come in at #6.  It isn’t a diss.  It is just a way for him to describe the young core:

By young core, I mean players who have not accomplished much yet in their young NBA careers and are still paying dues. I’m talking about players and teams that are not quite ready to contribute anything big this upcoming season, but will be right there in the mix two or three years down the line. All of these players are relatively young, have no more than three years in the league and have not been all-stars or major contributors in the playoffs.

Good stuff.  One thing, that lay-up C.Lee missed wasn’t a gimme.