Nets on the Net: 9/3/09 Edition

Back from China, Devin Harris is the topic du jour for the beat writers at open practice today. Pick your favorite among the Star-Ledger, New York Post or Ben Couch. To summarize, Devin acknowledges the Nets are young, but have the talent to make the playoffs. He was bummed that they traded Vince Carter, but loves Courtney Lee. And he now fully understands how popular Yi Jianlian is in China, seeing his name on my products including ice cream with corn in it. Can’t be any worse than those mozzarepa things you get at NYC street fairs, right?

Speaking of Yi, he talks about his summer and the direction the Nets are headed in with CCTV.

Gerald Narciso at Dime, calls the Nets “The NBA’s Best Kept Secret” because of their young core and the low expectations for the team from the rest of the NBA punditry.

Nets dancer Cecilia blogs about the start of the “Dunking Divas” tour in Korea and the Phillipines.