Nets on the Net: 9/25/09 Edition

Brook Lopez is over in Britain taking part in the Adidas NBA 5 United tournament at the 02.  While there GuardianUK  got a hold of him and talked to him about a lot of non-basketball related stuff.

The New York Times got a hold of the coach I made reference to yesterday, Ettore Messina, and talked to him for a bit.  In the article Messina states:

“But Prokhorov’s philosophy is very simple. He says, ‘I select the specialists, they do their job and at the end I evaluate.’ In the four years I was there, he never made a call on basketball.”

That eases my mind a bit, but here’s hoping that Thorn is one of these so-called “specialists”

Here is an interesting comparision of New York billionares Mike Bloomberg and Mikhail D. Prokhorov.

Henry Abbott over at TrueHoop notices that Prokohorov’s deal with the Nets comes off looking inexpensive.

If you only click one link in tonight’s link dump, make it this one.   SLAM Online digs up some awesome footage of the Nets’ new owner extreme jet skiing.  I’m serious…

Al Iannazzone takes a look at some things we are going to need to evaluate as the season gets going.

Was there any way Brook Lopez wasn’t showing up at the NBA 2K10 Launch Party?

Hoopsworld takes a look at the Nets’ changing luck.