Nets On The Net: 9/18/09

Rod Thorn was quick to squash the Yi to China rumors.  According to Thorn, he wasn’t familiar with the reports:  “No, no — he’s not going to be away from Oct. 16th to the 28th,” Thorn said dismissively.

According to Andrey Kirilenko,  Mikhail Prokhorov is a fantastic choice for owner.  “I know him very well. He is a huge fan of basketball. If you take a look at the local level, he turned CSKA into one of the best teams in Europe. I’m pretty sure his goal with the New Jersey Nets is to do the same thing,”

Kiki Vandeweghe told Yahoo! that it is has been hard not making any deals this offseason.  “It was difficult,” admitted general manager Kiki Vandeweghe, who loves utilizing an itchy trade finger. “Both Rod (team president Thorn) and I are used to being very active. We realize the team isn’t built and we’re not a finished product.”  It is good to see that the two guys building the team recognize that a quick deal isn’t the way to go here.  It is good to see that they have a vision.