Nets on the Net: 9/16/09 Edition

Over at their home page, the Nets have announced that their Barclays Center Showroom, currently at the New York Times Building on 8th Avenue in Manhattan, has been relaunched to reflect the new renderings released last week.

Karrie Jacobs of MetropolisMag laments the involvement of architect Frank Gehry on the Atlantic Yards development, saying he had “become a big hungry ego.” Gehry was notably kicked off the project for cost reasons earlier this year before a new architecture team was brought on.

The New Yorker takes its turn analyzing the new Barclays renderings. They seem to like the plans but “The rest of Atlantic Yards still remains—too big, and too indifferent to the fabric of residential Brooklyn, which it abuts.”

I’m linking to this about five days later that I ought to, but The Blowtorch is having some fun with the Barclays renderings and asks the million dollar questions – are you pregnant?

Pro Basketball News has their season preview of the Nets. Surprise, surprise, another analyst picks the Nets for dead last in the Atlantic and probably the Eastern Conference.

Hoops World has their fantasy preview of the Nets. The report lists Devin Harris, Brook Lopez and Courtney Lee as some players to watch for their positive fantasy value.

Well, if Dime’s predictions come true, Brook Lopez is going to be a defensive beast next year. The magazine has Brook as one of five new players to average 2+ blocks next year. They previously said he would be one of five new players to average 10+ rebounds. By the way, it’s been 20 days, since NAS asked Brook to join Twitter.

Zach Lowe at CelticsHub muses about potential destinations for an NBA-only Hall of Fame. His first choice, naturally, is Boston, but he also lists New York as a possible spot, not just because of the Knicks and their history but also because of the legacy of the Dr. J-led ABA New York Nets. Remember where we came from folks.

Ball Don’t Lie continues with its off-season top tens looking at the “Top 10 Feel Good” moments of the past decade. At #2 is Alonzo Mourning’s return to basketball. I’ve already noted, on a few occasions, my issues with ‘Zo, so I’m thankful author Kelly Dwyer does not that ‘Zo’s return was also a bit marred by his trade demands from the Nets and then his refusal to suit up in Toronto.

In their look at the Atlantic Division, Slam marks the acquisition of Courtney Lee as the best long-term move of the summer.