Nets on the Net: 4/2/10 Edition

Tim Legler on the Nets and Brooklyn: Here’s the thing, though: Very grudgingly, Brooklyn is starting to peek at what Brook Lopez is doing and to wonder whether John Wall can become the Nets’ Patrick Ewing. The team’s new owner, Mikhail Prokhorov — maybe he’ll turn out to be the one clean Russian oligarch! (Ha.) Yes, the politics and finances of the stadium remain an outrageous scam, but if the turmoil is now inevitable, Brooklyn didn’t want the pain compounded by watching the Nets compile the NBA’s all-time-worst record. The mythology surrounding the “lovable loser” Brooklyn Dodgers was probably always just that, a myth — finishing 42 games out of first place was surely no fun to sit through.

Meanwhile, the new arena is slated to have a “meditation room.” I’m assuming it’s for the players, but what about for the fans after this season?

Dave D. treats us all with another mailbag, loaded with goodies about Prokhorov, free agents, coaching and more.

Mitch Lawrence of the Daily News is reporting something we’ve sorta, kindof known for some time: Brett Yormark and Rod Thorn will be back next season under Prokhorov.

Lawrence talks to Steve Nash about the Nets’ future: “They should be excited about the new owner,” said Phoenix’s Steve Nash, after the Suns’ win in the Meadowlands on Wednesday night. “He’s got incredibly deep pockets, and, in many ways, a positive attitude as far as spending. I think he will build a winner. If you have money and you’re a good businessman and you’re willing to spend, you can be successful. It seems that teams will struggle when they’re not willing to spend.”

Fred Kerber, who earlier this season had “words” with Terrence Williams, only has flattery for TWill now: And that is just part of Williams’ game that is blossoming, causing many to take notice. He is more than just a bundle of athleticism. He’ll jump through the rafters for a rebound, outrace the pack for a scintillating dunk on the break. But he’ll also put the ball right where it’s supposed to be.

Rick Bozich of the Lousville Courier-Journal opines that coach Rick Pitino will pass on coming to the Nets and stay in Lousiville.

The Charleston Post-Courier calls the Nets “winners” in an editorial: Winners never quit, and quitters never win. That’s one of the many worthy maxims from the sports realm. And the New Jersey Nets, despite their dismal record this season, aren’t quitters. Nor, thanks to winning three of four games after losing 63 of their first 72, are they still at risk of recording the worst won-lost record in NBA history.