Nets on the Net: 3/20/10 Edition

Dave D’Alessandro said the Nets look fired up in practice yesterday. He also believes the “old” Devin Harris, who along with Yi Jianlian should suit up tonight, is back: “And if you can still be objective about it, you can also admit he’s got much of his old game back — circle-to-circle speed, penetration, jumper touch, and ability to take the hit and finish.”

Al Iannazzone on Brook Lopez, after he reportedly stormed off the court in frustration at practice yesterday: “I like Lopez as a player and a person, but he needs to grow up a little. He was short with reporters on the trip, got annoyed during one interview I had with him in OKC, snapped at someone in Philadelphia.”

Devin on Brook’s struggles: “Teams have been a little bit more aware. He’s been more of the focal point of the offense. His catches aren’t as deep as they were earlier in the year. It’s probably both on myself and him, it’s kind of a partnership that way,” Harris said. ” We need to make more of a conscious effort that when he has deep position we need to give him the ball regardless of if he has an open shot or not. He’s our focal point in the paint.”

Ben Couch talking to Terrence Williams yesterday about his performance on Wednesday: “I think I played horribly,” Williams said. “Some people may look at it as: 13 points, 7 rebounds and think it’s a good outcome, but not for me. I know what I’m capable of doing and what I was doing in the past. The last two games, I’ve been shooting the ball horribly, and I let Andre Iguodala get too many easy shots (on Wednesday).”

The Times profiles Marco G., the Nets MC at the Izod Center.