Nets on the Net: 3/17/10 Edition

In his game recap from last night, Julian Garcia talks extensively with Dale Schlueter, coach of the 72-73 Philadelphia 76ers.

Dave D’Alessandro captures my sentiments perfectly about the end to last night’s game: Terrence Williams waited until there was 13.9 seconds left in the game to show that he had had enough. Of course, the Hawks were asking for it: They were up 23 and pressing in the backcourt with 34 seconds left, which is a good way for winners to announce that they don’t care much about basketball decorum.

Dave D. also talks to the players about the importance of 10: “I want to get three wins more than anything,” Courtney Lee said. “We don’t talk about it, but I think it’s on everybody’s mind. You can see there’s a sense of urgency about it, because it comes up a lot. And it’s going to come up a lot more if we don’t get some wins soon.”

Rod Thorn is watching lots of college basketball: “I have watched more games than I normally would,” Thorn said. “I watched all the tournament games last week until the power went out.”

Would Knicks forward Al Harrington be interested in coming to the Nets?

Keyon Dooling wants another chance with the Nets after this season.

Devin Harris talks about Avery Johnson coaching and John Wall at PG over at Hoops World.