Nets on the Net: 3/10/10 Edition

Sebastian provides some of his expert insight of some mistakes the Nets made against the Grizzlies on Monday, over at his NBA Playbook site.

In a roundtable at, NBA writers discuss which downtrodden Eastern Conference team that would buy stock in if they had the opportunity, and naturally, the Nets are brought up.

Scott Howard-Cooper of talks Brooklyn.

David Biderman of the Wall Street Journal kicks the Nets when they’re down, but then offers some support: By now you’ve realized that the New Jersey Nets aren’t just a sad-sack basketball team, they’re profoundly horrible. But even with a 7-56 record, there are several recent sports teams that were even worse.

Just how talented is Dallas? As Al Iannazzone notes, even without Jason Terry, Erick Dampier, Brendan Haywood and Tim Thomas expected to play tonight, they still have Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd, Caron Butler and Shawn Marion to lean on.

And that Jason Kidd fella is still a very productive PG, as Julian Garcia writes.

Brooklyn Paper with more on the designers of the Barclays Arena.

People are apparently buying Knicks season tickets at the fastest pace ever because they believe they’re going to sign LeBron James.