Nets On The Net: 2/5/10

Sorry this is a little late guys, but I am doing today’s Nets on the Net, and I don’t wake up as early as Mark.

Yesterday, John Hollinger wrote a piece killing the Nets (insider only).  It seems harsh until you realize it is all stuff we already know.

According to all the big rumor guys and some locals, the Amar’e to the Nets deal is all but dead.  And if he was wanted a max extension, this is a good thing.

Marc Spears from Yahoo provides us with some interesting info about the agency that controls this year’s free agency period.

The Grizzlies and CDR have been linked in trade rumors.  This was bound to happen.  Memphis needs some more scoring from the wing (which CDR can provide), and CDR is beloved in the Memphis area.  I just don’t know if Memphis has what the Nets need in terms of players.