Nets on the Net: 2/3/10 Edition

In an interesting reunion of former Nets, Lawrence Frank is in Orlando to give the struggling Vince Carter some advice.

Given that he really didn’t talk to the YES crew after the game, here’s Del Harris’ statement on why he’s leaving the team.

Good old Dwyane Wade has taken to using the Nets as a barometer for how bad it can get, after talking to Rafer Alston and Chris Quinn: “When I was a little younger, I’d have been ready to explode,” Wade said of the Heat’s performance. “As I get older, I understand you take the good with the bad. In this league to come back and fight another day is always a blessing . . . of course there are times when you’re angry. Everyone has those times. But I look at Rafer some times and I think, ‘You know what? It can be worse.’ I talk to Quinny all the time. It’s worse other places.”

Hoops columnist Peter Vescey talks about the Nets proposed move to Newark and throws some cold water on the Amare Stoudamire trade rumors.