Nets on the Net: 2/19/10 Edition

On Wednesday, the Nets couldn’t beat Miami without Dwyane Wade. Can they beat the Raptors tonight without Chris Bosh?

The Record talks to Nets fans about why they’re not showing up at the Izod Center. Money quote: “Obviously, the team and the crowds have gotten a lot worse over the seven years,” Walters said. “I’m considering whether to come back. It’s discouraging to watch a team with five wins. I used to come to every game no matter what. Now I pick and choose. Part of me feels like I already wasted my money to come here, do I want to waste my time, too?”

After the trade deadlines, Mitch Lawrence of the Daily News is getting the Canyon of Heroes ready for the 2010-2011 Knicks. Seriously.

John Krolik, of Cavs the Blog fame, breaks down the potential summer spenders over at NBC Sports.